I provide specialist prosthetic services to both the National Health Service and the independent sector. This includes Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery (including dental prostheses), facial and body prostheses and keloid treatment devices.

I currently provide services to commissioning Primary Care Trusts or to individual hospitals to assist with maintaining ‘referral to treatment’

I accept referrals from Consultants or General (Medical and Dental) Practitioners, as well as self referrals.
Consultations and treatment are usually conducted at my specially equipped clinic or at the Rivers hospital.
Individuals may also, in special circumstances, be seen at other locations.

I am also available to trusts and organisations to work in a freelance locum capacity.

Prices are competitive and reflect not only the high level of specialist training, experience and expertise
but also the flexibility and range of work undertaken.

Below is a list of the services I provide. Click on the headings for more information about each service.

Artizan medical services include:

Facial Prosthetics
Orbital defect

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This includes:

  • Nasal Prostheses (Nose)
  • Auricular Prostheses(Ear)
  • Orbital Prostheses (Eye)
  • Indwelling ocular prosthetics

Body Prosthetics
Finger before prsothesis

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  • Hand and Fingers
  • Nipple areola and Breast
  • Leg defects
  • Buttocks (soft tissue)
  • Foot insole / Toe protection

Oral Maxillofacial Surgery

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  • Implant retained dentures
  • Obturators
  • Surgical dressing plates
  • Osteotomy work-ups
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Other general dental/oral surgery work

Keloid Management

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Medical/teaching models
Silicone breast model

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Other services offered include:

  • Splints
    • Nasal stents
    • Plastic translucent burn masks
    • Body Splints
  • CPD approved training courses
    • Silicone Gel prostheses
    • An introduction to advanced mould making
    • Extrinsic colouring, successful sealing and bonding

I specialise in the production of realistic facial and body prosthetics for use in medical applications.

I can also produce the same high quality prosthetics, and use the same techniques, for costume and special effects applications.

Please feel free to Contact me if you would like more information or to discuss your prosthetics needs.

Prosthetic rehabilitation

The objective of prosthetic rehabilitation is to relieve the psychological trauma suffered by patients by restoring their positive self image, thus allowing them to confidently interact with society once again.

Medical prostheses artificially restore patients who have facial or body defects due to malignancy, congenital deformity, or trauma. They offer hope to patients who cannot be surgically reconstructed and are used as a temporary measure for patients who are awaiting surgical reconstruction.

In order for the prosthesis to appear life like, every texture, form and pigmentation must be carefully matched. This requires several clinic visits as well as extensive laboratory work.

Although self referral is accepted in certain cases, patients are normally referred by their Consultant or General Practitioner.


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